Sunday, April 2, 2017

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star- Oakleigh Turns 1

Happy birthday baby girl! I can't believe I have a little girl and now she is one. You are the happiest, sweetest, kind, and most determined little one. All you have to do is look at someone with those long lashes and you can get your way. Your big brother adores you and you are becoming fast friends. 

You started walking about two weeks before your birthday and only getting faster. You have all of your teeth (even molars). The only ones you are missing are your eye teeth on the top and bottom. You give the best hugs and always have your eye out for Willie. 

You don't have too much to say yet but you can say, "Dada", "Mama", "no no no," and "that." You like to point at things and say "that" instead of trying to say what it actually is. You had your last bottle on your first birthday and are wearing 12 month clothes and weigh a little more than 16lbs. You are tiny just like your brother in the 10% for all of the stats. 

We had your party on Sunday but the big day was Friday so Grammie Cyndee came over to celebrate with us. Daddy is coming home for your bid day! 
 Your birthday present from Papa Jack and Grammie Cyndee. This was a big hit for the party and our favorite way to head to the park! 
 Cake time
 Sawyers Paw Patrol Cake!
 Oaks cake was so cute! 
 Present time! 

 only picture of the 4 of us from the party!

 Sweet little hug!
 Me and my girl! 

As usual I made decorations and then forgot to take pictures of anything! 
 I think we will have a lot of joint birthday parties in the future. These two had a blast! 
 Her outfit was so cute. Then we had an outfit change after cake!
 At home before the party started. She was being too cute in that tutu...

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